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If you have developed a product or process to obtain it, you should protect it.

Before beginning any registration process, it is important to determine the state of the art in order to evaluate the protection’s viability. In order to do this, before any presentation we recommend carrying out a study or search of the prior art to analyse the guarantees that we have to ensure strong protection. Technological information is key to determining the success of your projects in R&D.

We can advise you on the best options for obtaining this protection. A patent will give your invention exclusivity for twenty years, starting from the application.

INGENIAS can help you with the registration process of your patents in Spain, Europe or any other part of the world.

Protección en patentes españolas
Protección de patentes europeas
protección de patentes internacionales

At INGENIAS we can also inform you about other types of protections, such as utility models, plant varieties and supplementary protection certificates, as well as the possibility of carrying out technological surveillance of a particular field of technology, business competition, etc.


Designs should also be protected to ensure that your creations remain new and unique.

INGENIAS can advise you on how to protect the defining features of a product’s appearance (the lines, contours, colours, textures, materials, etc.) in order to prevent imitation.

Your designs accompany the trademark and corporate image that define you, making them into valuable assets for your company.


There are different types of design protection:

  • In Spain, there exists a national design register
  • In the European Union there exists a Community design register that ensures protection within the 28 members states of the European Union
  • International protection can be achieved through the Hague Agreement by applying for the International Registration of Industrial Designs, which allows you to designate up to 64 countries. It can also be achieved by direct deposit in a third state.

Contact us and we can study the best option for you according to the type of protection you require.

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