As a boutique firm, we have the ability to defend you as an author and protect your creation, especially in an increasingly competitive digital sector.  

With proven experience over almost 20 years, INGENIAS is positioned as one of the most specialised Intellectual Property agencies and offices in Spain. We are proud to have accompanied our clients and witnessed their growth over the years.

Copyright registration

Comprehensive protection of any intellectual work is of paramount importance to the author and forms the cornerstone of its economic success. 

Therefore, we design a strategy to establish the appropriate legal and registry tools, and we will execute the plan in collaboration with you, ensuring that you can have peace of mind and the necessary security to exclusively exploit your work according to your criteria.


In the same way as with the rest of Ingenias’ services, it is our empathy with the author that drives us to provide our services proactively, with a clear commitment to service and professional excellence. 


We stay updated on the latest technological trends, such as the metaverse and the rise of artificial intelligence. Therefore, at INGENIAS, we always strive to find the best ways to protect intellectual work, whether it’s an artistic creation or the safeguarding of a computer system. We are genuinely committed not only to our clients but also to innovation, culture, and art, which are essential elements of our society. 

Don't risk the protection and defence you deserve. Choose INGENIAS.

At INGENIAS, we deeply appreciate the value of your work and your rights, so we try to act accordingly, with the aim that when you entrust us with a certain matter you can blindly trust that we will solve it, within the times set, with the utmost rigor, and with the highest standards of confidentiality. 

Strategy Design

From the very beginning, we will assist and support you in securing the most appropriate protection for your work, ensuring the safeguarding of your copyrights, and offering guidance in cases of potential plagiarism or other infringements.

Intellectual property and copyright

At INGENIAS, our role extends beyond assisting you with the registration of your work. We also provide guidance and representation for any other procedures involving Intellectual Property Registries.

Notarial deposits and other evidentiary tools

We offer assistance in providing notarial deposits of your works and preliminary materials, ensuring that you have solid evidence of ownership. Additionally, we provide advice on various strategies for generating robust evidence of ownership, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain.

Advice, review and contract drafting

Our team conducts thorough reviews and customizes contracts that protect your rights as an author. Whether it’s licensing agreements, copyright transfers, technology contracts, or collaboration agreements, our intellectual property lawyers offer expert guidance to ensure your interests are safeguarded and your agreements are well-crafted.

Representation in copyright disputes and negotiations

We take the lead in strategic negotiations on your behalf, aiming to secure equitable and advantageous agreements. With our extensive experience and unwavering commitment, we can provide you with legal representation to effectively safeguard and enforce your copyrights. 

Our copyright team:

Other services

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