Patents are essential to protect your innovative ideas and inventions.

At INGENIAS, as one of the largest service providers in Intellectual Property both nationally and at the community level, we offer a wide range of services to help you throughout the patent registration process.

Unique Ideas, Secure Patents: Your Innovation in Good Hands

Protecting your invention is key to ensuring its position on the market and guaranteeing the return on your investment.   

In an increasingly competitive world, protecting your invention is essential to prevent unauthorised use and improper exploitation.   


At INGENIAS we understand the strategic importance of protecting your inventions. For this reason, we provide a comprehensive service that allows us to safeguard your rights, strengthen a competitive position and maximise the value of your inventions, while maintaining the confidentiality of your project.

Why INGENIAS to register your patents?

We are a multidisciplinary team of European Patent Agents, with legal and technical training in multiple fields of technology, science and engineering, as well as an extensive team of Official Intellectual Property Agents, Lawyers and legal assistants, committed to offering a quality, trustworthy and professional service.  


Our commitment is to provide comprehensive advice on the management of our clients’ Intellectual Property.  

Your innovation in good hands. Choose INGENIAS.

We have the best technological tools to analyse your projects and draw up the best protection strategy.   

We are qualified to represent our clients in the different patent offices (OEPM, EPO, WIPO), and our extensive network of correspondents allows us to protect inventions internationally.   

Meet our team:

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