Industrial designs

At INGENIAS we understand the importance of design protection and its impact on the success of your project. 

We combine our experience with a deep knowledge of the value of your creations to offer you rigorous and effective services.

Safeguarding your creations and designs strengthens your position in the industry

Industrial design covers the protection of the visual and ornamental appearance applied to products, giving them an exclusive character on the market through their protection by registration.   

It is crucial to obtain adequate advice to ensure protection and avoid unauthorized uses.  

At INGENIAS we advise you on the protection of creative investment and promote innovation by providing legal security against imitations, strengthening competitiveness in the market.


We are a multidisciplinary team made up of Official Industrial Property Agents, lawyers specialized in Industrial Property and technicians with extensive experience committed to offering a quality, trustworthy and professional service.   

Our commitment is to provide comprehensive advice on the management of our clients’ Industrial Property.

Nuestro compromiso es brindar un asesoramiento integral en la gestión de la Propiedad Industrial de nuestros clientes.

We are at your disposal

We have the best tools to analyse your projects and draw up the best protection strategy for your designs. We are qualified to represent our clients in the different patent and design offices (OEPM, EUIPO, WIPO), and our extensive network of correspondents allows us to also protect them internationally.   

Our industrial design team

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