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Trust our boutique firm’s experience and rigor to safeguard your Intellectual Property assets, ensuring peace of mind in an increasingly competitive digital sector. 

With proven experience over almost 20 years, INGENIAS is positioned as one of the most specialised Intellectual Property agencies and offices in Spain.

Our team brings together experience and cutting-edge legal advice to respond to a constantly changing market.

Like other sectors, Intellectual Property is a very specific and subjective legal area. Therefore, it is imperative that professionals in this area of ​​law are technically prepared and updated. 


Based on consolidated technical training, our services carry a marked quality seal, addressing the areas of comprehensive advice on the protection of intangible assets, technology contracting, new technologies and privacy. 


We are aware of the technological revolution that the service industry is experiencing. This is why at INGENIAS we have opted for the use of cutting-edge technological systems, including the support of environments based on artificial intelligence. 

Why INGENIAS legal advisors?

We know that one of the key points for choosing a lawyer is trust and being able to delegate the service with peace of mind and assurance that the work will be carried out rigorously.   


For this reason, we are committed to a legal advice service clearly focused on 360 vision and empathy with the client, agility of response and rigor.   


In addition, we support our work with advanced technology that allows us to provide an efficient and quality service, including certain Artificial Intelligence systems. Finally, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, we have managed to establish a solid international network of collaborators in whom our clients trust to successfully carry out their international expansion. 

Don't risk the protection and defence you deserve. Choose INGENIAS.

At INGENIAS we value and understand your concern, so we try to act accordingly, with the aim that when you entrust us with a certain matter you can blindly trust that we will solve it, within the times set and with the utmost rigor.

Feasibility and strategy studies

We assess the feasibility of the application for your assets, taking into account not only the existing priorities, but also the other detectable obstacles, in order to develop the best strategy

Defence of your assets before Intellectual Property offices

We will defend your trademark and other assets in the event of opposition from third parties or in the event of a refusal, either by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office or the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). We will also coordinate the defence of your trademark at international level.

Out-of-court negotiations

In order to defend your trademark and its exclusivity, it might be necessary in occasion to conduct different types of negotiations with third parties. Our team is highly qualified to deal with these negotiations and represent you against third parties.

Legal proceedings

We will defend your rights with the responsibility of knowing that it is one of your most important assets, whether representing you against third parties or against decisions of national bodies (SPTO) and even at the EU Community (EUIPO, CJEU) and international level.

Anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting

We will advise you and coordinate customs control and intervention at the national and EU levels, as well as coordination with the customs authorities for the processing of the simplified procedure for the destruction of illicit goods.

Intellectual Property Audit

Our Intellectual Property audit services provide a comprehensive analysis of your assets, such as patents, trademarks and copyright, with the aim of identifying and mitigating potential risks, thereby enhancing their protection and value.

Technology contracting

Understanding your specific needs and business objectives, we assist you in drafting and negotiating contracts, ensuring that your agreements are robust, compliant with current legislation and maximise the benefits for your company.

Privacy, e-commerce and Digital Law

We advise you on the regularisation of the different processing of your business activity to the current data protection regulations, particulary the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Organic Law regarding the Protection of Personal Data guarantees of digital rights (LOPDGDD).

Domain Recovery

Our domain recovery services range from out-of-court negotiation to UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) procedures to protect and recover disputed domain names, maximising the protection of your online presence.

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